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Officer Dan Anselment is a former police officer who specialized as a forensic crime scene investigator. Dan has extensive experience in processing crime scenes.

While working as a police officer, Dan often interacted with children, but unfortunately, this interaction was a result of the police having been called to the home. Consequently, the children were afraid of officers, which is the wrong message to convey to kids.  In response to this, Officer Dan wanted to find a way to connect with children, educate them about police by using forensic science, while building a healthier relationship and a foundation of trust.

Officer Dan discovered that writing a children's books would be a great way to connect with kids and teach them that police officers are someone they can trust.  Officer Dan's first book is titled Officer Dan Looks for Clues.  This book introduces kids to the interesting and exciting field of forensic science without the violence.  Kids will learn about fingerprints, shoeprints, toolmarks, hairs, and fibers.      

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